Competition Prizes

Perform at Yamaha NAMM 2019

The 9 Winners will be flown to Los Angeles for the 2019 NAMM Show and represent Yamaha as Clinicians for 4 days at NAMM 2019. Prize Package includes travel, lodging, food/per diem, ground transportation and NAMM passes. During the day, winners would be at the Yamaha booth to perform & demo. One of the nights, the winners will perform with Lee at a live Yamaha event.

Berklee Scholarships

Berklee College of Music will offer Winners 4 Scholarships including 1 full scholarship to Berklee College of Music, 1 Advanced Professional Certificate from Berklee Online and 2 Online Courses from Berklee Online. *see Rules for criteria, eligibility and further details.

Peform at Blue Note Tokyo

The 9 Winners will be flown to Tokyo and perform for one night with Lee Ritenour at the legendary Blue Note Tokyo. Prize package includes international travel, ground transportation, hotel accommodations for 3 nights and per diem. This concert will be in January 2019.

Perform at Festival da Jazz
St. Moritz, Switzerland

The 9 Winners will be flown to St. Moritz, Switzerland to perform at the St. Moritz Jazz Festival. This prize package includes international travel, ground transportation, hotel accommodations for 4 nights. This event August 3, 2018.

Record with Lee Ritenour at Woodshed Recording Studio

While in LA for NAMM 2019 in January, the winners will record a track with Lee Ritenour at the beautiful Woodshed Recording Studio in Malibu, California. Prize package includes travel, lodging, ground transport and food/per diem.

Perform Live at LA Showcase Gig

Winners will be flown to LA and provided lodging, ground transportation in January 2019 and will perform together at a renowned club in LA.

Line 6

One Guitar Winner will get a Helix and the other 5 Guitarists plus the Piano, Bass and Drum winners will each receive 1 Amplify 76 and 1 Sonic Port VX.

Crown Guitar Festival & Workshop Master Class

One guitar winner (selected by Lee and COC) wins a full fellowship to the Crown Guitar Workshop & Festival which includes travel, lodging, food, ground transportation and all classes, performances, etc. The guitar winner will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, teaching & performances. Scheduled for the last week of August 2018.


One Guitar Winner gets 50 sets of strings, 3 accessories of their choice, 1 string wonder and a cinch bag. The other 5 Guitar Winners and Bass Winner get 30 sets of strings, 1 accessory of choice, 1 string wonder and a cinch bag. The Drum Winner will get 6 drum heads of their choice, 6 pairs of sticks of their choice, 1 drum key and 1 stick bag. The Piano Winner will get 3 accessories of choice (cables, manuscript paper, metronomes, etc.), 1 tote bag and 1 mug.

Xotic Effects

Pedals for 6 Guitar Winners: Acoustic /Country Guitar Winner: RC Booster. Jazz/Fusion Guitar Winner: SP Compressor. Rhythm/Accompaniment Guitar Winner: SL Drive. Rock/Metal Guitar Winner: BB Pre. Blues Guitar Winner: AC Booster. Classical Guitar Winner: EP Booster


Applicants must be 16 years or older. For registration, you will need to provide 2 YouTube video links (5 min maximum per video). Registration is $35 and you will have to option to pay by Paypal or credit/debit card. Registration closes May 31, 2018. Winners announced June 12, 2018.
Applicants may use backing tracks. You may  also use commercially available tracks, but  we prefer tracks created by you and/or other  musicians to demonstrate your originality  and style. It is recommended that one of the  two videos submitted be a live performance  with other musicians in any setting  i.e.-club/concert, studio, rehearsal, etc.
Applicants must be considered  “Non-Professional Musicians” which are  defined as not having your full time financial  income from music-related work (for  example, you could teach a few classes and  play a few gigs, etc)
An applicant may register in more than one  of the 4 instruments (guitar, piano, bass,  drums), but each instrument would need a  separate registration form and a separate  email address. Guitar applicants may also  register in more than one genre but each  would require a separate registration, email  address and video submissions.
If you’ve registered for the competition in a  previous year, and even placed as a finalist,  you may register again. Previous grand prize  winners and guitar category winners may not  re-apply.
Our panel of esteemed, professional judges  will evaluate the videos and determine the six  6 guitar winners (1 in each music genre) 1  piano, 1 bass and 1 drums. The Winners will  be announced June 12,  2018. Winners will be traveling for  performances and recording end of July, early August 2018, November 2018 and in January 2019.
Disclaimer: We download all YouTube video submissions (at and then upload the videos to flash drives for our judge’s ease. Your YouTube video view count does not necessarily reflect the total views from Six String Theory judges.

Guitar Competition Only

Choose a music category

Rock / Metal

Includes Electric & Acoustic guitar for rock, metal and progressive styles


Includes Electric, Acoustic, Dobro, Slack Guitar, etc. and covers traditional, rock & progressive blues


Includes Electric & Acoustic guitar for jazz & fusion

Acoustic / Country

Includes Acoustic & Electric guitar from any acoustic or country style music

Classical / Flamenco

Acoustic category for classical & flamenco guitar styles

Rhythm / Accompaniment

Electric & Acoustic Rhythm guitar playing that includes pop, funk, R&B, and World (Brazilian, Latin, African, Island, etc.) Accompaniment Guitar would include backing up singer / songwriters in any style of music


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