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Dear friends, fans, fellow musicians and my Six String Theory family,

2020 has been a year like no other in modern times… It is stretching everyone in every walk of life, in unprecedented ways. I’m hoping that when we are able to start putting our lives back together, it is with the understanding that we are all in this together. Music can help with that healing…

I’ve been fortunate to travel and entertain folks around the world for many decades now. Musicians, who travel a lot, talk about the shared commonality & spirit that people have in every corner of the globe. You hear the often used phrase “the Global Village”… Definitely this crisis has pointed out that the earth is a collective, more than ever. The divisions between countries, states, cities, races, etc is inconsequential. The priority now is for all of us to find new, wiser, & healthier choices… & how to implement them for a better tomorrow.

I look forward to playing live shows again, making music and releasing new songs. Music & the Arts will play an extremely important part of this new and unfolding decade. Let us embrace the young musicians & Artists contributing new music that will have a lasting affect for decades to come.

To the SST family…to all the musicians looking to join the International Six String Theory competition, we will make an announcement as soon as possible with the plans for SST. Having a place that musicians can share their art & collaborate with other musicians from around the world is more important than ever… sixstringtheory.com

For now, stay healthy and sane and look out for one another. Keep the Music close to you … It helps, a lot!
Lee Ritenour 🎸🙏


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